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I am a genotype 1 responder relapser.
Dear Dr. Chung,
I am a genotype 1 responder relapser. I'm in my 2nd round of treatment Im in week 10 of treatment with pegintron and ribavirin. I weigh 175 - but I could easily reduce my weight by a few pounds. i am having a lot of psychiatric side effects (and other side effects) from this round of treatment. I am in the interferon dose range of 167 - 187 pounds, 120 per .5 ml. I want to get the most out of treatment but if it would help me with the psychiatric side effects do you think I could get my weight down and then take a lower dose of interferon. My ribavirin dose was reduced from 5 tablets to 4 tablets
Also, Im not clear after reading the conference reports from natap if weight based dosing is the standard of care or if there is a prescribed dose that is the standard of care.I dont want to reduce my chance for success. thanks.
  Dr Chung Writes-  
Standard of care is not yet established for ribavirin - weight based trials are ongoing. One way of addressing your issues is not to lose weight but dose reduce the Riba - i think that this is still a wise move. You may also consult with your MD about treating the psychiatric effects with meds.
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