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I might be starting on a therapy of pegintron
Dear Dr. Chung,
1. I might be starting on a therapy of pegintron (1,5 mcg per kilo) and ribavirine. However, I have heard it is advisable to start with normal IFN first, because of the halftime and side-effects. In that case, how many weeks should I be taking the normal IFN?
2. Do you know of any trials comparing the doses of 1,5 and 2 and 3 mcg per kilo pegintron, are there any (preliminary) findings yet?
3. Would you recommend a 24 or a 48 week treatment?: I am hcv/hiv positive, but am likely to respond well to treatment because of hcv type 2b and hcv rna of 108000.
  Dr Chung Writes-  
In general we have had very little trouble getting pts started on the PEGINTRON + ribavirin. So I do not generally start with the regular IFN. You should be treated for 48 weeks.
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