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Would you recommend a repeat PCR at 12 weeks?
Dear Dr. Chung,
I began the Peg/combo Jan. 2002, after week 4 my PCR came back non-detectable. I'm a genotype 2b, and last biopsy showing grade 1-2, mild inflammation/fibrosis, no real change from my initial biopsy. Pre-treatment viral load was 8443400 IU/ML. I am 39 years old, female, weight elevated. I actually have 2 questions. My doctor has advised me that the latest length of treatment course is 48 weeks, even for my genotype. I would appreciate any info you can provide as I am leaning towards 24 weeks. Also would you recommend a repeat PCR @ 12 weeks, as my doctor has stated no need to check again until just prior to the end of my treatment.
Thank you,
  Dr Chung Writes-  
This is an unanswered question, but because you have favorable characteristics (age, gender, liver biopsy, 2b) i would lean toward 24 weeks of treatment. PCR at 12 weeks is really not absolutely necessary since you have already cleared. your results are already promising.
  Dr. Chung       
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