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Is the necrosis a red flag?
Dear Dr. Chung,
How are you sir. It's great of you to do this service. I and I'm sure many others really appreciate it.
A July'01 biopsy indicated grade 1 (including peacemeal necrosis) and stage1. A Nov.'97 biopsy showed grade 1 (no necrosis), stage 0. This was six months after completing a year long protocol of IFN2b 3x/wk and ribavirin after an initial biopsy (May'96) of grade 2/ staging 2. I'm fairly sure there was no necrosis here either. I've had Hepatitis C since about 1980 or '81. I know I need to go on Pegylated + Ribivirin. Is it safe to wait a year or two? How long would you guess before I reach stage 2 again? Is the necrosis a red flag? I think I'm starting to feel more tired lately. The reason I'd like to wait is to settle certain affairs in my life prior to going on medication.
I know I've asked several questions here. Please forgive me. I also realize you don't have a crystal ball. However your professional opinion is most welcomed and would help to relieve some anxiety.
Thanks so much for your help.
  Dr Chung Writes-  
Based on the info provided, i think it would be reasonable to wait another year before starting Rx. you should discuss this with your doctor. it is far more important in the year or two window to be prepared to do treatment than to treat unprepared early.
  Dr. Chung       
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