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My viral lode has once again escalated into the millions
Dear Dr. Chung,
Hi - I have been advised to find a specialist to discuss my options -as my viral lode has once again escalated into the millions (it goes up & down and has been as low at 400,000 after being in the millions) I would like a doctor at MGH but I really want someone open to a holistic approach not just what clinical trial is available, especially in light of feeling & being very healthy with lots of energy - I am in my 18th year of Hep c (55 years old) and have had 2 biopsies showing minimal scarring and have been on Interferon once in 1990 with little good results (about 3-6 months remission) Can you or another source give me names to contact? Any info would be appreciated! I know you probably can't refer but a list I could choose from or a direction to find a list would help! I can't seem to get any info on web designed to my specific r equirements. I have Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare - HMO
  Dr Chung Writes-  
You can call our office at 617-724-6006 and we can book you in with one of our hepatologists.
  Dr. Rodriguez      
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