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I was dx'd with fibromyalgia and myofacial pain syndrome
Dear Dr. Chung,
Dx'd 12/96 199,000 copies at baseline. 5/97, I did mono therapy of interferon. I am a 1b. and biopsey came back stage 2. grade 1. My 1st blood PCR showed that I was negative! 5 - 6 months into treatment my Dr. pulled me off due to recurring sinus infections & hip pain. The pain continued to get worse and 3/98, I was dx'd with fibromyalgia and myofacial pain syndrome (pre-treatment, I worked out for 8 years loyally). Eventually I was also dx'd with thyroid problems.. Unfortunately in May of '98, my virus came back with a vengence with a PCR of close to a million. Since then, I have been tested twice for cryoglobulinemia since it appears that alot of my daily symptoms do mimic. I was also told back in 98 not to worry about repeat treatment for at least 5 years due to being a chronic pain patient and to wait for new therapies. I haven't seen my liver specialist for a long time, but made an apt w/one last mo.and his office keeps rescheduling since they thing (hopefully still) that I'm alright. Even so, due to recurrent pain for over 4 months in my right side (over liver) so my regular doctor sent me for ultrasound. It came back: "the liver is somewhat difficult to penetrate, consistent with diffuse fatty infiltration or diffuse hepatocellular disease. The gallbladder is normal. The common duct, at the level of the portal vein, measures 7.3mm. in diameter. The pancrease is not enlarged, but is significantly echogenic and fairly homogeneous in echogenicity. I run to my liver doc or wait for May? Also, am I a candidate for treatment or should I continue to wait. (last PCR last yr was around 230,000) my enzymes for 3 yrs since treatment were 15 and 20 range....again, these last 8 or so they have fluctuated between high normal and low abnormal. OH...lastly, I take oxycontin (without I wouldn't be able to walk at all...have tried other pain pills but others are too sedative, I am on a medium/high dosage and under the care of a spine specialist (for 3 yrs) I killing myself by taking these or would it be better to be in a wheelchair and in hordes of pain?
  Dr Chung Writes-  
Based on the ultrasound finding i would recommend another liver biopsy, and treatment again with PEGIFN + ribavirin if there has been worsening of the liver disease since your first biopsy. you should work this out with your liver doctor.
  Dr. Rodriguez      
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