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What are our chance's of of have'ing it come back?
Dear Dr. Chung,
Hi, I found out that i had hep c in december of 1999 and i started treatment Introns A and Rebetron combination Therapy and after three months of being on the meds i came back undectecable and stayed on the meds for eight months and then had to stop because my weight droped to 100 pounds and my iron was so low anyway i have been checked every six months and i'm still undectecable and on vial load. What are my chance's on the hepatitis returning and i was geno type 1A my vial load to start was 3000.000 and had no liver damage my liver is fine. My daughter is 12 years old and also has it and was never treated for it and she is also undectecable she got it at birth of course i didnt no that i had it at the time. She has also been tested every six months and has stayed undectecable. What are our chance's of of have'ing it come back. Thank you very much for taking your time time to answer my questions.
  Dr Chung Writes-  
It's hard to say since the data exist only for 12 months of treatment, but i'd say your chances of staying virus-free are still quite good (somewhere between 50-80%).
  Dr. Chung      
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