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I would like you to review my recent VA 30% rating.
Dear Dr. Chung,
I would like you to review my recent VA 30% rating. I have had Hep C for about 25 years, got it during my army time in 1970's. My AST and ALT averages remain the same over the years at around 60 and 90.
A liver biopsy from three years ago was Chronic Hep. C., mildly active (grade 2), with focal periportal fibrosis (stage 2) mild hepatitis and mild fibrosis. A current biopsy might show it getting worse. I say this because in the past few years and after a six month bought on interferon/ ribavirin I now have severe daily fatigue sometimes severe, daily joint pain in my toes and fingers and back. I have trouble reading remembering and concentrating more than ever. I am taking catalpa hydobromide, for the depression.
I have stomach problems with nausea. I have a constant pain in my right stomach. As mentioned, I was given a VA service connected disability rating of 30%; it was a lot of paper work, and frustration. The award letter basically said that 30 % is granted because of minimal liver damage and fatigue.
If I can send you my Hep C medical files and the ratings, and if I make an appointment with you, can you make anopinion on which rating more nearly approximates the 30% or the of 60%. I have attached the latest schedule from the 2001 38CRF on 4.114 -Schedule of ratings--digestive systems the VA goes by.
I want to go on the new therapy, this spring and I do not know if I will be able to keep a job. I am 50years old and I am afraid that this will be my last attempt on an interferon. I have had pretty bad side effects the last time, and I ended up losing my job.
  Dr Chung Writes-  
I would try to treat with the new combination therapy, and eliminate as many of the symptoms as possible with a successful response.
  Dr. Chung      
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