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My bile duck was enlarged
Dear Dr. Chung,
I have hepatitis C geno type 1.....My Alts shot up to 950.......they went in with a scope, My bile duck was enlarged.....they said it showed signs of irratation....but not stones.......and ways after they opened it up a bit my alt count slowly went they are talking to me about interferon.....If it was my bile duck that caused my alt count to go up why do i need to take interferon....I was wondering what the different geno types mean......Is that how you base the treatment???? I am told I need to take for 48 weeks......what is the success rate, for geno type 1 ???? Do you think I should have a biopsy before I let them start me on treatment???? Do I need a second opinion???? Thank You for any information.....I am scared to death......Oh another question can you continue to work when you are taking this treatment??? Thank you for any and all information......... Best Regards,

  Dr Chung Writes-  
Before treatment with interferon, i recommend liver biopsy to my patients as it gives us clear information about how much damage there is from the HCV , and thus defines the urgency to treat. many patients can still work on IFN, but some will require reduced hours or temporary time off.
  Dr. Chung      
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