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They say i will be cured. from what i have been reading, there is no cure for hepatitis-c.
Dear Dr. Chung,
I am a woman in my late fourties, newly diagnosed with hepatitis-c.. i have yet to have a liver biopsyy. my doctors have said that they are going to start me on a treatment, a kind of chemotherapy. they say i will will administer this treatment at home once a week for six months. at the end of
the six months, they say i will be cured. from what i have been reading, there is no cure for hepatitis-c and if so, a very small window for being cured with any invasive treatment. being skeptical, i have opted for a second opinion before i subject myself to this treatment, and is this presumptious before a liver biopsy is performed? any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated as i am a mother of five children, as well as a grandmother.. thank you
  Dr Chung Writes-  
The interferon shots and pills called ribavirin can offer what we feel is a cure with 6-12 months of treatment, depending on your virus strain. if the strain is 2 or 3, then your ch ances of cure exceed 80%. if strain 1, then the odds are about 42%. the liver biopsy will help determine whether you have mild, moderate or severe disease. if you have mild disease, you may want to discuss with your doctor the merits of waiting. if more than mild, it may make sense to treat. you need to discuss this further with your doctors, as there are several choices.
  Dr. Chung      
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