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My blood platlettes are crushed by my spleen
Dear Dr. Chung,
This is a nice site and I thank you for providing this service and forum. My big problem is that my blood platlettes are crushed by my spleen(I thnk thats still the problem) so I can't get treatment for hep-c(my plattletts are too low). this has been the situation for 3 years now at least.(march 19th was the 3 year anniversary of my doc saying I have 3 months to live) and I was very very sick . Now all I take are herbs. I try to eat well but it's sure not easy. I feel myself getting weaker and in more pain. the last year all my muscles ache terrible but I keep pushing and can't wait for the dandelions to come up so I can eat their roots( they really seem to help). I guess my question is will they have a new med I can take anytime soon? Thanks again, Best Regards,
  Dr Chung Writes-  
Unfortunately the treatments for the next few years will be based on interferon, which is what reduces platelet counts. having said that, we can sometimes treat patients successfully with borderline low platelet counts, so you should discuss this matter further with your doctors.
  Dr. Chung      
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