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What does "Grey Zone-Positive" mean?
Dear Dr. Chung,
Any benefit to continuing treatment for 6 more months? What does "Grey Zone-Positive" mean?
CASE: HIV/HCV co-infected. Baseline pretreatment data: HIV related stats-CD4=850, viral load=>50, on 1st regiment HAART 5 yrs=Viracept, 3TC, D4T; HCV related stats-Genotype=3A, viral load=160,000, scarring index score=0, female, 41yrs, no drug/alcohol use.
HISTORY: Began Rebetrol treatment May '01 & was schedule for 6 month course. Dec '01 elevated lactate levels, taken off HAART. undetermined But, late clearance/PCR negative Sept '01, so treatment extended 6 more months. Then, Feb '02 PCR result was "Grey Zone-Positive". March'02 PCR negative again & still off HAART (current HIV related stats CD4=740, viral load=15500). I am scheduled to end 12 months Rebetrol treatment in April, but HIV Doctor's brought up continuing me for another 6 months Rebetrol. HCV Doctor's opinion is that I should finish as scheduled in April and see if HCV SVR is acheived at Nov '02. And, consider further HCV related treatment at that time. My concern is that HIV Doctors and HCV Doctor are not in agreement--HIV Dr's concerned about HCV treatment success & HCV Doctor concerned about HIV not getting treated--seems like neither side understands how the other works.
What is your recommendation at this point?
  Dr Chung Writes-  
There is no evidence that this product has any effect in chronic HCV.
  Dr. Chung      
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