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risks of pregnancy and hcv
Dear Dr. Chung,
When I learned I was hcv+ a few years ago, of course, not having any children yet, I wanted to know the risks of pregnancy and hcv. The only risk I ever learned about was vertical transmission, and I was told that was about 6%. However, I just learned I may have cholestasis of pregnancy, and that 16% of patients in a study who had this condition also had hepatitis C. (Locatelli A, Roncaglia N, Arreghini A, Bellini P, Vergani P, Ghidini A., Br J Obstet Gynaecol 1999 May;106(5):498-500, Hepatitis C virus infection is associated with a higher incidence of cholestasis of pregnancy). This seems like a much higher risk than vertical transmission, but I was not informed by the hepatologists. It's also associated with a high rate of prematurity and stillbirth. Why aren't the hepatologists discussing this with women who want to conceive and carry a child?
sched c-section June 7, '02
Mom to 28-week preemie, 9/20/99-10/11/99
  Dr Chung Writes-  
Thank you for your communication - this is an important area. while i am not familiar with this report, which requires confirmation, we counsel mothers that extra vigilance in monitoring liver tests is warranted.
  Dr. Chung      
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