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I am in the worst case scenario to get rid of this virus.
Dear Dr. Chung,
Hello.. just came from a site where I got your name and email. I have Hep C/ viral load low, 250,000...liver biopsy. done last July.. no cirrhosis they say. I have been tired alot... not sure what it is from. I am 54, in very good condition aside from this darn Hep C... they are wanting me to start Pegintron and Ribatol for a year... 80 micro/peg----800 mill. of Ribatol... I am Geno 1b.... weight 139 lbs... I am in the worst case scenario to get rid of this virus. Friends say I am going to be sick for a year and then still not be rid of it... I just need some input. Also I take vitamins from my Chiro Dr.... naturalist... things for bones, like that.. nothing weird.. also estrogen and progesterone... any suggestions or idea/s
  Dr Chung Writes-  
2 things if your liver biopsy showed very mild liver disease, you may be better off not treating and waiting for better therapies in the next several years. if it does show more advanced disease, and treatment is therefore warranted, one way of addressing your treatment is to determine as early as 3 months whether you are responding or not. evidence suggests that if you have not cleared or substantially reduced virus by this time point, that your likelihood of doing so after 1 year will be very remote, so that you can spare yourself the full 12 months. you should discuss this with your MD
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