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I read of a new potential drug named Ribozyme.
Dear Jules Levin,
I read, with interest, of a new potential drug named Ribozyme going into phase II multicenter testing. I have some general questions.
Where could I find drug trial sites of this drug.? Is there a website for this? And finally, and most important, if all goes well with this drug, approximately, how long will it take this drug to be approved?
I know your not Houdini. But, I sure would apreciate any input or answers you could provide. If not, please disregard this and thanks anyway for the valuable service you have provided to many people in this situation.
  Jules Levin Writes-  
Try what I think is their website (Ribozyme Pharmacuetical Inc). My guess is if the studies go well we are looking at about a 2 year development process. The company is based in Denver, CO.
  Jules Levin      
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