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We are receiving conflicting information about peg interferon/ribavirin.
Dear Dr. Chung,
We are receiving conflicting information as to whether to treat our 16 year old son with peg interferon/ribavirin. He was infected through a blood transfusion at birth. He has type 1B. His viral load is greater than 1 million. His AST and ALT are normal. His liver biopsy said consistent with mild chronic hepatitis C, Grade 1, no fibrosis seen. He is a senior in high school. Should we treat immediately? Could he wait till after high school? After college? We are so fearful.
  Dr. Chung Writes-  
He has early stage disease - I would wait until a time that he's got some time to start - that may even be a few years from now when the treatments get even better. You should mostly be reassured by the biopsy result.
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