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How should a patient feel after Sustained Virologic Response following 48 weeks treatment?

Question from T.--

Hi...I am T. I finished up 48 weeks of reg Hep C therapy nearly 5 weeks ago. I am not feeling any better, perhaps even worse. I feel as if i do not get enough oxygen to my "big" muscles, skeletal achyness, general lethargy and fatique. I was hoping to see quick , marked improvement in these areas, but instead am becoming more frustrated by the day. Doctors are not willing to try any new directions until the body is re-balanced from the 48 weeks of toxic treatment. How long might this be? A lifetime?

Sometimes i feel very mal-nourished , but I eat very well and regularly, plenty of water. Since ending treatment I have actually decreased aerobic activity. Sigh. Any insights and or ideas you may have would be greatly appreciated. I know not a lot of info, but , hopefully enough to go on.I am type 1A,"all American" under 2 million initial count, and considered undetectable at this point. So i did respond to treatment. Liver was just under cirrosis stage...medium fibrosis. I drank for 33 years...Am 48 now, and was a product of the 60's, hence a fondness for many things. A obsessive, addictive person. Am sober now over 21 months , and extremely active in AA, having changed in a miraculous way. Thank you for your consideration.

-- T.

Dr. Chung writes--

T., first of all, terrific response to treatment. second, the fatigue and achiness may take weeks to fully resolve off drug, so I'd stick it out a bit longer. I would also have your thyroid tests and blood counts confirmed as normal or back to normal. Thanks, RC Ask our Experts ANSWERS