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HCV treatment length for genotype 2b: is 6 months OK with pegylated interferon?

I understood that research showed an interferon 3x a week & ribivarin treatment for 24 weeks had the best sustained response for genotype 2b. Is there any research to show that pegylated interferon once a week & ribivarin has the same success rate with 24 weeks of treatment. What would you recommend as a course of treatment for genotype 2b patients with low viral lode ( 65,000) and (stage 1-2 biopsy) and no complicating health factors.
Thanks --C.

Dr. Chung writes--

Good question.

The current clinical trial did not examine 24 weeks for genotype 2 and 3, however, we can probably infer from the rebetron trials that 6 months of PEG + ribavirin would very likely suffice with sustained response rates better than the 65% seen with rebetron. Thus I would likely wait for PEG + ribavirin and treat for 6 months. RC

Dr. Rodriguez writes--

Theres no data on Head to Head: Pegasys or Peg.Intron and RVB for 24 vs. 48 weeks. The data is of over 85% sustained response after 48 weeks. We assume that the relapsers after week 24 will be low but not 0. Your low viral load is an aditional good prognostic factor. MR Ask our Experts All Questions