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Interferons effects

Dr Chung:

I know that interferons lowers a persons cd4 count (and can lower other types of blood cells like neutropels) but I have not heard anything about whether it lowers a persons cd8 cells? And does it lower/change the ratio of cd4 to cd8 cells ? Does peg interferons reduce the cd4's like the old non peg-interferons?

And finally, two more question regarding the peg-interferon compared to the old interferons, do the shots leave telltale red spots, and are you finding that depression and blahs are less on the new generaion interferons?


Dr. Chung writes--

Thanks for your answer.

It can lower all facets of lymphocytes, including CD4 and CD8.

the PEG can accentuate IFN effects as its levels in the body are on average higher in the treated patient than unPEGylated IFN's. The redspots are even more prominent with the PEG, but are generally well tolerated. The depression and flulike symptoms are no less frequent with PEG-INTRON, but overall could be better handled because there may be less bumpiness of the ride. RC

from Jules Levin:

The data so far suggests that some of the side effects for Pegasys may be less than standard interferon and PegIntron. You can read the full reports on the efficacy, safety and side effects for both Peg Interferons at:

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