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Treatment after transplant and genotype changes

Hello Dr. Chung.

I had my liver transplant 7-16-99. Before transplant my genotype was 1a. My most recent genotype test of 6 months ago says I am now 3a, Can this be?..

Also my transplant clinic does not treat after transplant to Stage 3. I just had my 2 year biopsy all is ago no rejection. Grade 5 Stage 1-2..Do you agree with waiting till the Hep C gets worse..

Thanks for your time.


Dr.Chung writes--

This is very unusual. I have not seen this, in general the other way around is what we have seen. I would repeat the genotype again to be sure. Different transplant centers approach this differently; we tend to treat patients with active inflammation, even if fibrosis stage is mild. Ask our Experts All Questions