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Is there a cure for hepatitis?

Dr Chung:

I have hepatitus and would like to know if there is a cure for it. I am on ribvarin.

answer from Jules Levin:

Unlike HIV in theory, HCV is curable. The Hepatitis virus does not weave itself into the genome of the cell. In a number of small studies 90% or more of patients able to achieve an SVR had undetectable plasma viral load and when studird undetectable liver viral load up to 5-8 years in followup. So, once a person achieves an SVR there is a good chance for a "cure".

On your other point, you can't be just on ribavirin. Ribavirin alone is not generally used to treat HCV, but what is used is interferon plus ribavirin.

answer from Dr Chung:

I agree with Jules. RC Ask our Experts All Questions