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Failed HCV treatment


I am a geno type1a. Stage 2. I did daily infregen &riba with a start of a viral load of 5 million, i went to 20 thousand. I then rebounded to 181 thousand so we switched to the peg. after 14 weeks, I am now at a viral count of 2 million. We had me on a low dose of the riba with it. 600 mgs daily.

Do you think I could have had a better chance of clearing if I was on the full dose of riba? Also I was wondering what next for a patient like me. I show sighs of the virus going down, then it always comes back.

Do you think Pegasys may be the next tx. I should try. I am at a real loss. I have been trying treatments now for 19 months. Thank you for you input.


answer from Dr Chung:

I would try PEG + full dose ribavirin. if you fail to respond to this, I would strongly consider stopping, rebiopsying, and consider one of the maintenance trials, including HALT-C, if you qualify. RC

from Jules Levin:

I would try Pegasys+ full dose RBV, then consider maintenance as Dr Chung suggests. JL Ask our Experts All Questions