Ask Your Questions About-HCV! of our Hepatitis Experts:

When should I check my viral count?

Dr. Chung-

My case is strange, to me. I have HCV genotype 1b. My liver enzymes are normal and all my blood work is excellent except my biopsy showed level
3 fibrosis. My viral count is 11 million copies. I just started peg/rib treatment and I have almost no side effects. I am 33 and in good health. When should I check my viral count and is it normal to have little or no side effects?

answer from dr Chung:

A week 12 determination will give you strong evidence that the drug combination is working or not working.

Is that in any way an indication of success?

answer from Jules Levin:

I do not suspect that not having side effects is an indication of response or no response.

Do you have any knowledge or suggestions on taking additional supplements like herbs or vitamins during the treatment?

answer from Dr Chung:

There are no controlled data on this subject.

Finally, what is the future of HCV research/ What are some of the new drugs being studied and when are they projected to be available?

answer from Dr Chung:

Inhibitors of viral enzymes such as polymerase, helicase, and protease will be expected sometime in the next 3 years or so. Ask our Experts All Questions