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Spontaneously cleared the HCV?

Dr. Chung,

A hemophiliac is infected with HIV for twenty years with a current CD4 of 500, undetectable viral load, taking Kaletra, Nevirapine, 3TC, and D4T. Positive for antibodies to Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B surface antigen, but the Be antigen is negative and the B DNA is undetectable, and the hepatitis C RNA is also undetectable, with a normal upper endoscopy. Mildly elevated liver enzymes for 15 years. If these results have been confirmed by two hepatologists, how likely is the fact that this individual has spontaneously cleared the HCV?


answer from Dr Chung:

If the RNA has tested repeatedly negative, the chances of having had spontaneous clearance are very good. Nonetheless, I would recommend periodic (annual) checks of HCV RNA to be certain that you aren't dealing with a very low level infection. RC Ask our Experts All Questions