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Correlation between having hepatitis and liver cancer?

Dr. Chung,

Could you tell me if any studies are being done in correlation between having hepatitis for many years, ex. 30 yrs. and liver cancer? I know chances are higher if you have cirrhosis, but what about fibrosis, by the fact you have had the disease in your system so long??

Thank you for any information.


answer from Dr Chung:

If you are talking about HCV, the risk of developing liver cancer without cirrhosis is extremely small. If you do not know, and you do not undergo a liver biopsy, then screening should be undertaken on the chance that you might have cirrhosis.

If you have HBV, however, liver cancer can develop without cirrhosis or even significant fibrosis, and is related to duration of infection. Thus, some surveillance should be done in this situation. RC Ask our Experts All Questions