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Co-infection with hepatitis among people with HIV is emerging as a growing problem. For people infected with HIV through needle exposure probably due to drug use, 40% or more may also have hepatitis C. The NATAP Hepatitis Section was started to raise awareness about this problem, and to provide basic education and more advanced scientific information.

If you have HIV you should speak to your doctor about testing for hepatitis A, B, and C. A person with hepatitis C may progress more quickly if they contract hepatitis A. If you have hepatitis C, but don't have hepatitis A, it's advisable to consider getting the hepatitis A vaccine.

As we report important information from key AIDS conferences, NATAP will be reporting important information presented at key hepatitis scientific conferences. They are posted below. Treatment guidelines presented by the European Association for The Study of Liver Disease at a consensus conference are posted below. NATAP will also be reporting new information from future key hepatitis conferences.


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A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Maintenance Interferon Therapy for Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C Virus and Persistent Viremia (11/11/99)

FTC for Hepatitis B (11/4/99)

Adefovir for Hepatitis B (11/4/99)
Schering-Plough Researchers Identify Promising Drug Targets in Hepatitis C  Virus (11/4/99)
Liver Fibrosis Progression in Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Coinfected Patients (10/14/99)
HCV & HIV Specific CD4 Response: (10/13/99)
2. Recurrence of Hepatitis C Virus After Loss of Virus-Specific CD4(+) T-Cell Response in Acute Hepatitis C
HCV & CTLs; The viral clearance in interferon-treated chronic hepatitis C is associated with increased cytotoxic T cell frequencies. (9/24/99)
Spontaneous negativation of serum hepatitis C virus RNA is a rare event in type C chronic liver diseases: analysis of HCV RNA in 320 patients who were followed for more than 3 years. (9/24/99)
Liver Histopathology can Worsen in Patients with HCV/HIV Coinfection:
HIV coinfection aggravates the course of preceding long-term chronic C hepatitis by a more marked (centrilobular) fibrosis, and HIV/HCV-coinfected patients are threatened by a higher rate of posthepatitic cirrhosis
Liver Cancer six yrs. after patient cleared HepC (9/20/99)
Coinfection With Hepatitis B And C Increases Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (9/20/99)
PMPA Immediately After SIV Infection is Protective Against Highly Pathogenic SIV (9/24/99)
This study suugests that a sustained virological HCV response 6 months after therapy may translate into no detectable HCV 5-11 years later. some doctors refer to this as a "cure". (9/20/99)
Early Hepatitis C Virus-RNA Responses Predict Interferon Treatment Outcomes in Chronic Hepatitis C (9/20/99)
CD4 cell counts ( <200) at the third month of HAART may predict clinical failure. (9/20/99)
Chronic hepatitis C: interferon retreatment of relapsers. A meta-analysis of individual patient data (9/20/99)
3TC Reduces Hepatitis B Viral Load (9/8/99)
Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Patients With Breakthroughs During Interferon Treatment Can Successfully Be Retreated With Consensus Interferon (9/5/99)
HCV Treatment for African-Americans (9/5/99)
Daily Interferon Regimen for Chronic HCV (9/5/99)
Pathogenesis of Chronic Hepatitis C: Immunological Features of Hepatic Injury and Viral Persistence (8/30/99)
Daily Dosing of 5 MIU Interferon with Ribivarin Eliminates HCV-RNA After day 28 (8/30/99)
Relief from profound fatigue associated with chronic liver disease by long-term ondansetron therapy (8/23/99)
HCV and Fatigue (8/23/99)
Development of anti-interferon antibodies and breakthrough hepatitis during treatment for HCV infection in haemophiliacs (8/17/99)
NIDDK Funds Clinical Centers for Hepatitis C Research (8/23/99)
Hepatitis C virus clearance improves quality of life (8/23/99)
Liver Cancer Three Times More Likely in Hepatitis-Cirrhotic Patients with High Enzyme Levels (8/19/99)
Ribivarin-AZT Anemia; HBV - adefovir & 3TC resistance; Hepatitis A Vaccine - Adverse Drug Reactions in HCV Treatment (8/18/99)
Development of anti-interferon antibodies and breakthrough hepatitis during treatment for HCV infection in haemophiliacs (8/17/99)
Interferon Linked to Reduced Liver Cancer Risk in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C (8/17/99)
Daily Lymphoblastoid Interferon Successful in Genotype-1b Patients: Higher Dose Three Times a Week Proves Less Effective: this suggests daily dosing of 3 MIU of interferon is more effective than 3 MIU of interferon 3 timer per week; 3 timer per week is the standard treatment recommendation (8/17/99)
Long-term histologic improvement and loss of detectable intrahepatic HCV RNA in patients with chronic hepatitis C and sustained response to interferon-alpha therapy (8/17/99)
HCV Co-infection does not increase progression of HIV disease, but HIV makes HCV worse (7/28/99)
New drugs Against Hepatitis: for hepatitis B- FTC, DAPD, 3TC, combination therapy, adefovir; hepatitis C- alpha thymosin, pegylated interferon, VX-497 (7/16/99)
Monitor Your Liver Health in People with Chronic HCV (7/16/99)
Prevention of cirrhosis is the best measure against hepatocellular cancer (7/16/99)
Hepatitis C and Fatique - Frequently Asked Questions (7/15/99)
Prospective Study of Interferon Therapy for Compensated Cirrhotic Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C by Monitoring Serum Hepatitis C RNA: cirrhotic patients can respond to HCV treatment; higher interferon dosing and more frequent dosing may be required to achieve good results (7/14/99)
Typing of Hepatitis C Virus by a New Method Based on Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism. (7/12/99)
Caffeine as an antioxidant: inhibition of lipid peroxidation induced by reactive oxygen species (7/5/99)
Unfiltered Coffee Raises Serum Cholesterol, Liver Enzymes (7/5/99)
Caffeine clearance by two point analysis: a measure of liver function in chronic liver disease (7/5/99)
Potential Breakthroughs in Hepatitis C Research (7/2/99)
Zinc supplementation and amino acid-nitrogen metabolism in patients with advanced cirrhosis (6/24/99)
The role of hepatitis C virus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes in chronic hepatitis C (6/5/99)
Long-term observation of HCV-positive patients with normal ALT values: persistence of a clinically healthy state. (6/19/99)
Daily Combination Therapy Better than Thrice Weekly for Previously Treated HCV Patients (6/19/99)
Several published articles related to Hepatitis C: (6/13/99)
  1. Pilot study of triple HCV therapy: IFN+RBV+Amantadine
  2. Low-Fat Diet compromised immunity in runners of 40 miles per week
  4. HCV reduced quality of life particularly in former IV drug users
  5. Pain & tenderness in muscles and joints may be associated with HCV
  6. HCV may be associated with extrahepatic malignancies—found in small study
A Reduction in Platelet Counts is a Known Potential Side Effect of Interferon (6/12/99)
Cirrhosis (6/5/99)

Consensus Statement from the European medical Community: EASL (The European Association for the Study of Liver Disease) International Consensus Conference on Hepatitis C, Paris, 26-28 February 1999 (6/5/99)

Viral Hepatitis: An Epidemic in the Making? New Approaches to the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Viral Hepatitis (6/5/99)
Selected Highlights On Hepatitis C From the DDW Conference (digestive Disease Weekly) Held in Orlando, FL May 16-19, 1999 (6/3/99)
Press Release on FTC for Hepatitis B from Triangle Pharma (5/27/99)