8th Annual Retrovirus Conference
Late Breakers
Chicago, Feb 4-8 2001


Alarming HIV Prevalence Among African American MSM
     In New York City (542 men surveyed)

Torian and colleagues from the New York City Dept of Health, the NY Blood Center and the CDC reported findings from a study whose objective was to estimate the incidence of HIV in men who have sex with men in NYC 23-29 years of age. They surveyed 542 men of which 20% were white, 27% black, 36% hispanic, 1% native Hawiian, 7% Asian/Pacific Islander, 3% Native American/Alaskan, 6% other.


Similar Alarming Prevalence Found in 6 US Cities

Valleroy and colleagues from the CDC surveyed 2400 MSM from 1998-2000 in 6 cities (LA, Miami, NYC, Seattle, Baltimore and Dallas). The overall prevalence was high at 12% (range for the 6 cities was 4.7% to 18%), and increased with age from 10% among 23-25 year olds to 14% among 26-29 yr olds. Among African Americans the prevalence was 30%, 3% among Asians, 15% among Hispanics, 7% among whites, and 10% among others.

Interestingly, among 293 HIV+ men, only 29% knew they had HIV before being tested, and only 23% were receiving medical care for HIV. During the past 6 months, 93% had oral or anal sex with at least one man. Prevalence of unprotected anal sex during the past 6 months was 46% (range 41%-53% among the 6 cities). Valleroy concluded these findings were alarming and underscore the need to develop, evaluate, and intensify prevention effortsa for young MSM, particularly among African Americans.

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