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  4th Intl Lipodystrophy Workshop
San Diego at Coronado Beach, Sept 22-25, 2002
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4th Intl Lipodystrophy Workshop
Reported by Jules Levin
  The Workshop this year is in San Diego at Coronado Beach just prior to the ICAAC Meeting in San Diego starting in a few days. NATAP will be providing comprehensive, timely reporting by our writers from these conferences. As soon as I got off the plane I commented how beautiful the weather is here- sunny and comfortable, not hot. And the cab driver said its like this year round. I took a glance through the program abstract book and found some interesting studies. Here is a brief rundown of apparently interesting studies here.
--there are several interesting studies on insulin resistance and glucose metabolism
--atazanavir is in a new which appear not to raise lipids & glucose & there are a few studies here regarding that including a switch study to atazanavir
--there are a couple of interesting bone studies
--heart disease and HIV
--ACTG 384 which compared AZT/3TC to d4T/ddI and nelfinavir to efavirenz reports from lipodystrophy substudy here on fat loss at week 80
--nukes and leg fat loss
--lipid disorders associated with drugs
--HCV and death rates in Spain; hepatotoxicity
--reduced diarrhea and nelfinavir with supplements
--niacin study


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