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Hep C & Pregnancy: risks for transmission
  Hep C & Pregnancy: risks for transmission
This subject has not been well studied so we do not have clear answers to many of these questions, but here are key published studies providing helpful information. Studies find HIV increases risk for HCV transmission by about 3-5 times. A high HCV viral load in pregnant woman can increase risk. This articles discusses rates of transmission found in studies conducted and various risk factors and possible ways to reduce risk: c-section experiences. The extent of maternal-fetal blood exchange at time of delivery may be the major determinant of transmission as suggested by the duration of membrane rupture
Mother-to-Infant Transmission of Hepatitis C Virus
This article is a comprehensive review of 77 found published articles on this topic. Rates for transmission are very variable from study to study but on average appear to be 5-7%. Risk for tranmission may be a bit higher in IVDUs perhaps due to higher HCV viral load. Studies suggest above (10 to the 5th) 100,000 or (10 to the 6th) 1 million may be a level at which risk increases significantly. Risk may increase as viral load increases. Although its not clear breastfeeding could present a ris, this is discussed in article.
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