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  13th CROI
Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections
Denver, Colorado
Feb 5- 8, 2006
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Metformin + Rosiglitazone for Lipodystrophy -Combination Study
  Reported by Jules Levin
Two Studies were Presented at CROI (Feb 5-8, 2006, Denver) on Metformin & Lipoatrophy. Here is first report, second to follow. The study using pioglitazone appeared to show benefit to patients regarding improved lipoatrophy, but the results from the other two studies were less clear showing some possible positive effects and some negative results. Regarding the study reported below: rosiglitazone vs metformin vs metformin+rosiglitazone vs placebo -- The ACTG study authors summarized & concluded that both metformin & rosiglitazone, alone and in combination, decreased insulin AUC compared with baseline; the improvement in the combination arm was significant vs placebo. However, neither metformin nor rosiglitazone, alone or in combination, significantly decreased visceral fat. Leg fat increased and subcutaneous fat tended to increase with rosiglitazone, providing additional evidence that rosiglitazone may increase subcutaneous fat in some individuals.