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Ultrasound Technology Reduces Belly Fat  
  This informational sounds promotional because I took it from the website. My understanding is the technology is available in Europe & soon in the USA.
UltraShape Technology
UltraShape has developed the first ultrasound technology to non-invasively lyse fat cells and produce measurable benefits.
Based on proven therapeutic ultrasound (used safely and effectively in a medical setting for many years), UltraShape has revolutionized application of this technology by tailoring it to the body contouring sector.
The UltraShape solution is based on proprietary technology with the following components:
- A focused ultrasound beam capable of selectively lysing fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues
- A real time optical tracking and guidance system allowing a simple, safe and efficient procedure
Innovative selective ultrasound technology
UltraShape technology applies focused therapeutic acoustic waves for selective lysis of adipocytes, using a predetermined amount of ultrasound energy across the subdermal fat layer.
The ultrasound waves generate a mechanical effect in the confined focal volume, causing fat cell membranes to rupture. The mechanical effect ensures that only adipose tissue within the targeted area is disrupted. Surrounding tissue (blood and lymph vessels, skin tissue and peripheral nerves) is not impacted by the process and remains intact.
UltraShape develops, manufactures and markets innovative, non-invasive solutions for the aesthetic medical field. A highly skilled team of professionals, and scientists with singular ultrasound know-how, place UltraShape at the cutting edge of body contouring technology.
UltraShape has developed the first and only system for totally non-invasive body contouring.
The technology is based on non-invasive, focused therapeutic ultrasound that selectively targets and adipose tissue (fat cells) without damaging other tissues.
The treatment is completely safe and designed as a "walk-in, walk out" outpatient procedure conducted in an office environment.
The system uses an innovative integrated ultrasonic probe for the treatment.
A computerized video guidance and tracking system assures homogenous treatment of a pre-determined area while taking into account, in real time, the movement of the patient's body.
System architecture ensures a very simple operation.
It often takes more than a healthy lifestyle to give your body the shape you want. UltraShape has developed the first safe, surgery-free body contouring treatment to successfully break down fat cells and deliver effective results.
The convenient treatment is completely non-invasive and provides measurable body contouring results - with no side-effects and no need for follow-up maintenance. Treatment time ranges between one hour to ninety minutes - and as soon as it is completed, you can get right back to your daily routine.
Designed for average to overweight women and men
The UltraShape treatment is the alternative for women and men who want effective removal of excess fat cells without surgery. It focuses on the abdomen, inner and outer thighs ("saddle bags") and flanks ("love handles").
Enjoy your new body contour in only 28 days
After just one treatment, you will notice an average reduction of two centimeters in your body circumference. Treated patients have consistently reported a painless and comfortable experience. Imagine, you can expect to shop for clothes that are a whole size smaller!
UltraShape treatment
UltraShape treatment takes place in your physician's office
Your physician begins by examining and marking the treatment area (the size of the area determines the duration of the session). Then, while you lie back on a comfortable Contour I bed, the operator will use a round hand-held transducer (a device that converts electrical energy into ultrasound energy) to deliver ultrasound beams gently over the marked region of your body. During treatment, the beam of focused therapeutic ultrasound energy penetrates the specific target zone and selectively destroys fat cells while having no effect on skin, blood vessels and nerves. The entire procedure is guided by innovative tracking technology that ensures smooth, uniform contouring.
At the end of the session, you will experience no post treatment discomfort or side effects and be immediately able to resume your daily routine.
And of course, no recovery period is required.
Information for Physicians
UltraShape has created the first non-invasive body contouring treatment to use selective ultrasound adipocyte-lysing technology for delivering measurable results.
About the UltraShape solution
- Developed by plastic surgeons for the medical community
- Enables non-invasive emulsification of subcutaneous fat
- Delivers convenient, low-risk and measurable reduction in circumference and fat thickness
- Safe and effective procedure, requires no anesthesia
- Free of the complications associated with surgery
- A realistic option for men and women averse to surgical intervention
About the UltraShape Contour I system
- A time-saving, cost effective treatment platform
- Conducted on an outpatient basis
- Simple to administer (in contrast to invasive skill-dependant treatments such as liposuction, performed in an operating room under general anesthesia) - Requires minimal training
A System with clinical results
Worldwide multi-center clinical tests on hundreds of patients demonstrate:
- 2 cm. reduction in circumference on average, after a single treatment
- No pain or discomfort reported by patients after treatment
- Normal blood and urine profiles confirmed physiologically manageable fat clearance
- Histologically confirmed selective damage to adipose tissue
- No fibrosis or scarring from minimal inflammatory changes
- No impact on blood and lymph vessels, peripheral nerves or muscles
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