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  EASL 46th Annual Meeting
March 30th - April 3rd 2011
Berlin, Germany
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GS-6620: A Liver Targeted Nucleotide Prodrug with Potent Pan-Genotype Anti-Hepatitis C Virus Activity In Vitro
  Reported by Jules Levin EASL 2011 Berlin Mrch 31-Apr 2
A Ray, J Feng, T Wang, K Wong, L Zhang, D Babusis, J Vela, T Butler, J Xu, V Aktoudianakis, R Lee, D Sauer, I Henne, M Fenaux, H Mo, W Zhong, S Metobo, J Perry, C Kim, and A Cho Gilead Sciences, Inc., Foster City, CA, USA








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2. G Cheng, M Fenaux, E Mabery, et al. Nucleotide Inhibitor Resistance Selections Using GT2a Infectious Virus: PSI-7851 and GS-6620 Select for a Novel Resistance Pathway Including Substitutions of M289V/L Followed by S282T. Poster No.1198, EASL 2011
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