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  EASL 46th Annual Meeting
March 30th - April 3rd 2011
Berlin, Germany
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BMS-650032, an NS3 Inhibitor (protease), in Combination With Peginterferon Alfa-2a and Ribavirin in Treatment-Naive Subjects With Genotype 1 Chronic Hepatitis C Infection
  Reported by Jules Levin EASL 2011 Berlin Germany March 30-Apr 2
Bronowicki J,1 Pol S,2 Thuluvath P,3 Larrey D,4 Martorell CT,5 Rustgi VK,6 Morris DW,7 Younes Z,8 Fried M,9 Bourliere M,10 Hezode C,11 Massoud O,12 Abrams GA,13 Ratziu V,14 He B,15 Eley T,15 Ahmad A,15 Thiry A,15 Llamoso C,15 Hindes R,15 Hughes EA15 1Hopital d'Adultes de Brabois, Service d'Hepato-Gastro-Enterologie, Vandoeuvre les Nancy, France; 2Hopital Cochin, Service d'Hepatologie Adulte, Paris, France; 3Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, MD, USA; 4Hopital Saint Eloi, Service d'Hepato-Gastro-Enterologie et Transplantation, Montpellier, France; 5The Research Institute, Springfield, MA, USA; 6Metropolitan Research, Fairfax, VA, USA; 7Healthcare Research Consultants, Tulsa, OK, USA; 8Gastro One, Germantown, TN, USA; 9University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Chapel Hill, NC, USA; 10Hopital Saint Joseph, Service d'Hepato-Gastro-Enterologie, Marseille, France; 11CHU Henri Mondor, Service d'Hepato-Gastro-Enterologie, Creteil, France; 12University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, USA; 13Alabama Liver & Digestive Specialists, Montgomery, AL, USA; 14Groupe Hospitalier Pitie Salpêtriere, Service d'Hepato-Gastro-Enterologie, Paris, France; 15Bristol-Myers Squibb, Clinical Research and Development, Wallingford, CT, USA









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