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  EASL 47th Annual Meeting
April 18th - 22nd 2012
Barcelona, Spain
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Interferon-Free Regimens at EASL
  from Jules: There are about 8 interferon-free regimens below and/or presented at EASL, again bear in mind this is a work in process, this is the first step in designing the best interferon-free terapies, but the SVR rates are very good here, although admittedly in small studies this shows and proves what we are capable of seeing here, with better & more potent regimens coming in the future. All the companies & researchers are working towards 2-4 drug all oral regimens for naives with SVR rates approaching & achieving for some 100%. For null-responders we will likely need improved regimens, at this meeting Abbott reported 94% SVR rates with 12 weeks therapy with a 3-drug all oral regimen of their protease+NNRTI+RBV & 47% in null responders, but this was not their best regimen, 24 weeks needs more exploration, and if we need 3 potent orals or even 4 potent orals not including RBV this will be studied and if perhaps some interferon for these patients are needed we will see that studied as well, as the hardest to treat are the cirrhotic, non-CC null responders. We have potent protease inhibitors, potent NS5A inhibitors, potent nucleotides and useful potent NNRTIs so there is a lot to work with.

EASL 47th Annual Meeting
Barcelona, Spain
April 18th - 22nd 2012

EASL: Potent Viral Suppression With the All-Oral Combination of Daclatasvir (NS5A Inhibitor) and GS-7977 (Nucleotide NS5B Inhibitor), +/- Ribavirin, in Treatment-Naive Patients With Chronic HCV GT1, 2, or 3 (100% SVR gt1, 91% gt2) - (04/19/12)

EASL: A 12-Week Interferon-Free Regimen of ABT-450/r + ABT-333 + Ribavirin Achieved SVR12 in More Than 90% of Treatment-Naïve HCV Genotype-1-Infected Subjects and 47% of Previous Non-Responders - (04/23/12)

EASL: A 12-Week Interferon-Free Regimen of ABT-450/r, ABT-072, and Ribavirin was Well Tolerated and Achieved Sustained Virologic Response in 91% Treatment-Naïve HCV IL28B-CC Genotype-1-Infected Subjects - (04/19/12)

EASL: Once Daily GS-7977 Plus Ribavirin in HCV Genotypes 1-3: The ELECTRON Trial - (04/21/12)

EASL: Gilead Announces Early Sustained Virologic Response Rates for GS-7977 Plus Ribavirin in Genotype 1 Treatment-Naïve Hepatitis C Patients - press release - (04/19/12)

EASL: Gilead Announces Sustained Virologic Response Data for 12-Week Regimen of GS-7977 Plus Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin in Genotype 1 Hepatitis C Patients - press release - (04/19/12)

EASL: Dual Oral Therapy with NS5A Inhibitor Daclatasvir (BMS-790052) and NS3 Protease Inhibitor Asunaprevir (BMS-650032) in HCV Genotype 1b-Infected Null Responders or Patients Ineligible/Intolerant to Peginterferon/Ribavirin - (04/19/12)

EASL: SVR4 and SVR12 with an interferon-free regimen of BI 201335 AND BI 207127, +/- ribavirin, in treatment-naïve patients with chronic genotype-1 HCV infection: Interim results of SOUND-C2 - (04/22/12)

EASL: The efficacy and safety of the interferon-free combination of BI 201335 and BI 207127 in genotype 1 HCV patients with cirrhosis: Interim analysis from SOUND-C2 - (04/20/12)

EASL: Gilead: Interim Sustained Virologic Response Rates in Treatment-Naïve HCV Genotype 1a and 1b Patients Treated for 12 or 24 Weeks with an Interferon-Free All-Oral Quad Regimen - (04/21/12)

EASL: Alisporivir plus ribavirin is highly effective as interferon-free or interferon-add-on regimen in previously untreated HCV-G2 or G3 patients: SVR12 results from VITAL-1 Phase 2b study - (04/22/12)


relevant studies


EASL: GS-7977 + PEG/RBV in HCV Genotype 1: The ATOMIC Trial An End To Response-Guided Therapy - (04/20/12)

EASL: TMC435 with peginterferon and ribavirin in treatment-experienced HCV genotype 1 patients: the ASPIRE study, a randomised Phase IIb trial - (04/19/12)

EASL: TMC435 in patients infected with HCV genotype 1 who have failed previous pegylated interferon / ribavirin treatment: Virologic analyses of the ASPIRE trial - (04/19/12)

EASL: Alisporivir (ALV) plus Peg-interferon/Ribavirin (PR) in HCV G1 Treatment-experienced Patients Achieves Primary Endpoint with Superior Efficacy at Treatment Week 12 Compared to Retreatment with PR - (04/22/12)