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  64rd Annual Meeting of the
American Association for the
Study of Liver Diseases
Washington, DC Nov 1-5 2013
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Resistance Analysis [and activity] of Genotype-1 and -3 HCV-Infected Patients Receiving MK-8742, an HCV NS5A Inhibitor With Potent Antiviral Activity, in a Ph1b Monotherapy Study
  Reported by Jules Levin
Presented at the 64th Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, November 1 - 5, 2013, Washington, DC
Rong Liu, Stephanie Curry, Patricia Mcmonagle, Robert B. Nachbar, Irene Pak, Patricia A. Jumes, Steve W. Ludmerer, Ernest Asante-Appiah, Daria Hazuda, Wendy W. Yeh, Anita Y. M. Howe Merck, Whitehouse Station, NJ
MK-8742 exhibits potent antiviral activity during 5-day monotherapy in patients with chronic GT1 and GT3 HCV infection
Robust antiviral response was observed in the presence of RAVs M28V, Q30R or Y93H at baseline in GT1 patients
RAVs at resistance loci common to NS5A inhibitors were detected post MK-8742 dosing All RAVs observed in the study remain sensitive to MK-5172, a once-daily HCV NS3/4A protease inhibitor with improved potency compared with the approved first generation protease inhibitors
Currently in Phase 2, treatment with MK-8742 and MK-5172 ± ribavirin is associated with robust virologic suppression and an SVR of 95-100 % in treatment-naïve, GT1 HCV-infected patients