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  20th Conference on Retroviruses and
Opportunistic Infections
Atlanta, GA March 3 - 6, 2013
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Cardiac function is altered in Aged Transgenic AIDS Mice in vivo: Insights into Age-related HIV-1 Changes in Patients
  Reported by Jules Levin
CROI 2013
Rebecca A. Torres, Earl J. Fields, Tomika Ludaway, Rodney Russ and William Lewis Department of Pathology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA 30322



Left ventricular mass and end diastolic diameter are increased in aged HIV-1 transgenic mice
Figure 1. A comparison of cardiac function in both young and aged HIV-1 transgenic mice . Two-dimensional M-mode echocardiographic analyses were performed on both young (~3 months) and old (~18 months) wild-type and HIV-1 (MSB) mice. Data analyses revealed a significant increase in LV mass and LVEDD in aged HIV-1 transgenic mice as compared to aged-matched wild-type control animals. There was no difference observed in LVFS between either groups. All summary data are presented as mean ±SEM (*p<0.05) (n=≥6/group).