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  14th European AIDS Conference
Oct 16-19 2013
Brussels, Belgium
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Prognostic value of vitamin D level for all-cause mortality, and association with
inflammatory markers, in HIV-infected persons: results from the EuroSIDA cohort study

  Reported by Jules Levin
EACS 2013 Oct 16-19 Brussels, Belgium
J-P Viard1, L Shepard2, J-C Souberbielle3, J-P Bastard4, S Fellah4 J Capeau4, J Reekie2, P Reiss5, A Blaxhult6, M Bickel7, C Leen8, O Kirk9,
J D Lundgren9, A Mocroft2 on behalf of EuroSIDA in EuroCOORD
1Ho^tel-Dieu, Paris, France, 2University College London, London, UK, 3Ho^pital Necker, Paris, France, 4Ho^pital Tenon, Paris, France, 5Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands,6Department of Medicine,
Division of Infectious Diseases, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, 7HIVCENTER Haus 68, Frankfurt, Germany, 8Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK, 9Copenhagen HIV Programme, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark







1. Viard, JP, Souberbielle JC, Kirk O et al. Vitamin D and clinical disease progression in HIV infection: results from the EuroSIDA study. AIDS 2011; 25(10): 1305-15. Acknowledgements:measurement of 25OHD was funded by NEAT.