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  14th European AIDS Conference
Oct 16-19 2013
Brussels, Belgium
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Low Bone Mineral Density is Associated with
Increased Risk of Incident Fracture in HIV-infected Adults

  Reported by Jules Levin
14th European AIDS Conference; October 16-19, 2013; Brussels, Belgium
Linda A. Battalora1, Kate Buchacz2, Carl Armon3, Edgar T. Overton4, John Hammer5, Pragna Patel2, Joan S. Chmiel6, Kathy Wood3, Timothy J. Bush2, John T. Brooks2, Benjamin Young7,8 for the HIV Outpatient Study (HOPS) and SUN Study Investigators
1Colorado School of Mines; 2Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 3Cerner Corporation; 4University of Alabama School of Medicine; 5Denver Infectious Disease Consultants; 6Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University; 7APEX Family Medicine; 8International Association of Providers in AIDS Care






95 incident fractures during 5,032 person-years of observation (from 03/01/2004 to 09/30/2012), 66 incident fractures in SUN and 29 incident
fractures in HOPS
Most frequent anatomical sites: rib/sternum (n=18), hand (n=17), foot (n=15) and wrist (n=11)
Median BMD T-score is -1.0 for new fractures with p-value <0.001