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  HIV Glasgow
23-26 October 2016
Glasgow, UK
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HIV Combinectin GSK3732394: A Long-Acting Inhibitor With Multiple Modes of Action
  .."Using Adnectins and a peptide fusion inhibitor, we developed the Combinectin inhibitor GSK3732394 (BMS-986197), a biologic with 3 independent and synergistic modes of HIV entry inhibition that could potentially be self-administered as a long-acting subcutaneous injection.....Addition of HSA enables a projected half-life of GSK3732394 of ~40 hours.....The efficacy observed at the highest dose of GSK3732394 was similar to that observed with HAART [Figure 4]......No significant change in susceptibility to GSK3732394 was observed with recombinant viruses constructed to contain resistance substitutions to one of the inhibitors (Table 2)"
CROI: HIV Combinectin BMS-986197: A long-acting inhibitor with multiple modes of action - (02/29/16)