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Cocrystal Pharma Updates New HCV Drugs Development -
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Announces Filing 2016 Second Quarter Financial Statements and Provides Company Update

During the last three months, the Company focused on its research and development efforts and commenced clinical trials for our Non-Nucleoside HCV Polymerase Inhibitor (NNI) CC-31244.
⋅ Hepatitis C -- CC-31244. Our first in-human study began in April, 2016. This is a Phase 1a safety study. Four of the five dose groups have completed and dosing in the final group has commenced.
⋅ Hepatitis C -- CC-2850. Our former back-up nucleoside inhibitor, CC-2850, has a better pre-clinical profile than our previous lead candidate, CC-1845. Therefore, we have initiated scaling-up synthesis of CC-2850 for further preclinical evaluation.
⋅ Hepatitis C -- CC-2069. We have obtained additional preclinical in vitro data for CC-2069, our NS5A pan-genotypic inhibitor. We have initiated non-GMP and GMP synthesis of CC-2069.



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