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October 17-19, 2016
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US Women in the HPTN 069/ACTG 5305 Phase II Maraviroc PrEP study:
A substudy evaluating acceptability and experiences

  Reported by Jules Levin
HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P), October 17-19, 2016, Chicago
Amico KR1; Ramirez C2; Caplan MR3; Montgomery B4; Stewart J5; Hodder S6,7; Swaminathan S8; Darden-Tabb N2; Young A9; McCauley MB10; Mayer K11; Wilkin T12; Landovitz RJ3; Gulick R12; Adimora AA2 on behalf of HPTN 069/A5305 study team and HPTN Women at Risk Group
1University of Michigan School of Public Health, 2 University of North Carolina School of Medicine, 3David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, 4University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 5Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, 6West Virginia University School of Medicine, 7West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute, 8Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, 9Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 10FHI360, 11Fenway Health, 12Weill Cornell Medicine
IAC/8-2016: HPTN 069 / ACTG A5305 Phase II Study of Maraviroc (MVC)-Containing Regimens for HIV PrEP in U.S. Women...."NO new infections....annual incidence rate 0%" - (07/20/16)
HPTN 069/ACTG A5305 randomized participants to one of four once-daily PrEP groups: (1) maraviroc alone at 300 mg, (2) maraviroc plus FTC at 200 mg, (3) maraviroc plus TDF at 300 mg, or (4) TDF/FTC at 300/200 mg. Each study regimen contained 3 pills including placebo. The new analysis aimed to determine rates of adherence and reasons for good or poor adherence. To enter the trial, women in 12 US cities had to report condomless sex with one or more HIV-positive or HIV-status-unknown men in the past 3 months.
CROI: HPTN 069 / ACTG A5305 Phase II Study of Maraviroc (MVC)-Containing Regimens for HIV PrEP in Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) - (02/26/16)
CROI: Three Maraviroc PrEP Regimens Largely Protective in US MSM Study - Mark Mascolini - (02/24/16)