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  IAS 2017: Conference on HIV Pathogenesis
Treatment and Prevention
Paris, France
July 23-26 2017
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HIV mediated immunosenescence in young adults infected at birth
[and HIV+ adults too despite undetectable VL]

  from Jules: there has been some controversy over whether immunosenescence occurs in HIV+ yet tudies from several years ago show shortly after HIV-infection senescence sets in. Here in this study young adults infected at birth AND older adults with HIV with undetectable viral load display increased CD4 & CD8 memory senescent cells in Figure 2 below.
"Young HIV-infected patients displayed a general lymphopenia with a decrease of CD4+ T cells, B-lymphocytes and NK cells. They also presented altered resources, with decreased numbers of progenitor cells and naïve T cells, reminiscent on the whole of immune alterations found in patients infected in adulthood. alterations were particularly obvious in a high proportion of patients (nearly 1/3) presenting high viral loads together with increased frequency of memory senescent CD8+ T cells and chronic activation markers." "Patients infected by HIV during childhood display a significant decrease number of naive T cells, similar to the immune alterations found in patients infected in adulthood. In parallel with reduced naive T cell counts, the frequency of senescent memory CD4 and CD8 T cells is significantly increased, compared to the aged matched healthy donors"
CROI/2017: Exhausted T-cells and Inflammatory Monocytes are Linked to Brain Atrophy in HIV - (03/10/17)
Reported by Jules Levin
9th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017), July 23-26, 2017, Paris
Solene FASTENACKELS1, Delphine SAUCE1, Corinne VIGOUROUX2, Christine ROUZIOUX3, Laura NAILLER4, Elisa AZERES4, Josiane WARSZAWSKI4, Jean Paul VIARD3, Victor APPAY1,5 and the ANRS Co19 COVERTE Study Group 1 CIMI Paris, Inserm U1135, UPMC UMRS CR7, Hospital Pitie-Salpetriere, Paris, France, 2 INSERM UMRS 938, UPMC hopital Saint-Antoine, Paris, France, 3 Laboratoire de Virologie - EA 7327 Hopital Necker, Paris, France, 4 CESP 1018 Inserm, Service d'epidemiologie-Sante Publique, Hopital Bicetre, Le Kremlin-Bicetre, France, 5 International Research Center for Medical Sciences, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan