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  The Liver Meeting
San Francisco
November 2018
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Real-World Impact of Resistance-Associated Substitutions on
Re-Treatment after Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir Virologic
Failure in Hepatitis C Patients (VA)

  Reported by Jules Levin
AASLD 2018 Nov 9-13 SF
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Dr. Lisa I. Backus1,2, Dr. Pamela S. Belperio2, Dr. Troy Shahoumian2, Dr. Timothy Loomis2, Mark A Winters3 and Mark Holodniy3,4, (1)Medicine, VA Palo Alto Healthcare System, (2)Population Health, VA Palo Alto Healthcare System, (3)VHA Public Health Reference Laboratory, (4)Infectious Diseases & Geographic Medicine, Stanford University
In this real-world cohort of LDV/SOF virology failures, NS5A RASs did not substantially affect SVR for most pretreatment regimens, although SVR with pretreatment were low overall.
SVR rates were numerically lower in patients retreated with LDV/SOF and VEL/SOF+/-RBV, and significantly lower in patients retreated with ELB/GZR+/-RBV.
Individual mutations were associated with varying effects on SVR with the NS5A M28A/G and H58D with the largest effect.
Other host or viral factors may be contributing to the less than expected SVR rates.
Limitations: baseline samples were not available for comparison of preexisting mutations prior to LDV/SOF treatment with those found after treatment, population sequencing may not have detected mutations present at lower frequency.