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  Glasgow HIV
28 - 31 October 2018
Glasgow, UK
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The economic burden of comorbidities among people living with HIV
in Germany; A cohort analysis using health insurance claims data

  I just reported the ATHENA presentation at Glasgow where they reported comorbidities increase death rate plus that increasing numbers of comorbidities increase death rates and along with increased aging these affects worsen. So in reviewing this data where they attach a cost for each coorbiditym I urge you to consider the patient with several of these comorbidities simultaneously or each occurring over several years - I=imagine the costs for healthcare for this person along with the increased death rates. In ATHENA those with 3 or worse with 4 comorbidities had the worst death rates.. Jules
Reported by Jules Levin
HIV Drug Therapy, Glasgow 2018, October 28-31, 2018, Glasgow
Eva Wolf1, Stefan Christensen2, Helena Diaz-Cuervo3
1MUC Research, Munich, Germany, 2Center for Interdisciplinary Medicine (CIM) Infectious Diseases, Muenster, Germany; 3Gilead Sciences, HEOR, London, UK