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  17th European AIDS Conference
November 6-9
2019, Basel
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Untreated HCV in HIV/HCV-Coinfected US
Population Despite an Abundance of Curative Therapies

  "treatment of HCV in this population of coinfected patients was suboptimal" "By year, the percentage of patients with active HCV that received treatment increased from 17% in 2014 to 23% (p<0.001) in the last period [FIGURE 3]. At the end of the observation period, 882 (23%) patients remained untreated, 1,210 (31%) were LTFU, and 1,804 (46%) were treated. [FIGURE 4].....The data suggest that females and <50 year old patients had lower treatment rates. Median time to treatment was 4 months longer than median time of last care for patients lost to follow up, suggesting that more timely treatment and/or improved patient engagement are critical in care of the coinfected population."
17th European AIDS Conference, November 6-9, 2019, Basel
R. Elion1, K. Althoff2, J. Eron3, J. Gillman4, R. Haubrich5, G. Huhn6,7, S. Milligan8, A. Mills9, K. Mounzer10,11, G. Moyle12, J. Radtchenko8, S. Santiago13, P. Sax14,15, D. Jayaweera16
1George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington DC, United States, 2John Hopkins University, Baltimore, United States, 3University of North Carolina, Division of Infectious Diseases, Chapel Hill, United States, 4Prism Health, Dallas, United States, 5Gilead Sciences, Inc., Foster City, United States, 6Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, United States,
7The Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center, Chicago, United States 8Trio Health, La Jolla, United States, 9Men's Health Foundation, Los Angeles, United States, 10University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States, 11Philadelphia Fight Community Health, Philadelphia, United States, 12Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, United Kingdom, 13Care Resource, Miami, United States, 14Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, United States, 15Harvard Medical School, Boston, United States, 16University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine-Division of Infectious Disease, Miami, United States