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March 6-10, 2021
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  CROI 2021 March 6-10 Reported by Jules Levin
Caitlin A . Moran1, Nora Oliver2, Brittany V. Szabo3, Lauren F. Collins1, Minh L. Nguyen1, Sarita Shah1, Abeer Moanna2, Jonathan Colasanti1, Valeria D. Cantos Lucio1, Wendy S. Armstrong1, Anandi N. Sheth1, Igho Ofotokun1, Colleen F. Kelley1, Vincent Marconi2, Cecile D. Lahiri1
1Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA, 2Atlanta VA Medical Center, Decatur, GA, USA, 3Grady Health System, Atlanta, GA, USA
Background: The contributions of non-AIDS comorbidities and HIV-related factors to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outcomes among persons with HIV (PWH) remain unclear. We aimed to identify risk factors for COVID-19 hospitalization among PWH.
Methods: We evaluated all adult (≥18 years) PWH with a positive SARS-CoV-2 PCR evaluated in a public safety-net hospital system, a Ryan White-funded HIV clinic and a Veterans Affairs medical center in Atlanta, GA between March 1, 2020 and November 15, 2020. Demographic and clinical characteristics and COVID-19 disease outcomes were ascertained by medical record abstraction. We performed multivariable logistic regression to determine associations with COVID-19 hospitalization.
Results: 180 patients (mean age 49 years, 78% male, 78% Black, 14% Latinx) were included. 97% were on antiretroviral therapy (ART), 91% had HIV-1 RNA <200 copies/ml, and mean CD4 count was 527 cells/mm3. 60 patients (33%) were hospitalized, 28 (47%) required supplemental oxygen. Overall mortality rate among PWH was 1.63%; mortality among hospitalized PWH was 5%. 130 patients (72%) had at least 1 non-AIDS comorbidity; 22% had >4 comorbidities (hypertension, dyslipidemia, obesity and diabetes were most prevalent). In univariable models, age, hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, heart disease, and chronic kidney disease were associated with hospitalization. HIV characteristics including CD4 count, viral load, and ART use were not associated with hospitalization. After adjusting for those baseline characteristics associated with hospitalization, only age [aOR(95%CI) 1.073 (1.036-1.110), p<0.0001] and diabetes mellitus [aOR(95%CI) 2.653 (1.027-6.853), p=0.0439] were associated with hospitalization. In a multivariable model adjusting only for age, comorbidity count was associated with a 25% increased risk for hospitalization [aOR(95% CI) 1.245 (1.013-1.531), p=0.0375]; and having ≥4 comorbidities was associated with a 2.8-fold increased risk of hospitalization compared with 0-1 comorbidities [aOR(95% CI) 2.848 (1.174-6.910), p=0.0240] (Figure). In age-adjusted analyses restricted to CD4 <200 cells/mm3 or HIV-1 RNA >200 copies/mL, HIV-related factors were not associated with hospitalization.
Conclusion: In a cohort of PWH with well-controlled HIV and COVID-19, age and non-AIDS comorbidities, but not HIV-related factors, were associated with hospitalization for COVID-19. Further research into causes of severe COVID-19 among PWH is warranted.