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  18th European AIDS Conference
October 27th-30th, 2021
Online & United Kingdom
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A fog that impacts everything: understanding quality of life in people living with HIV and cognitive impairment - poor mental & physical function
  Kate Alford1,2, Stephanie Daley3, Sube Banerjee4, and Jaime H. Vera1,2,5 1Dept. Global Health and Infection, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, 2 Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, 3Centre for Dementia Studies, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, 4Faculty of Health, University of Plymouth, 5Dept. of Medicine, Brighton and Sussex Medical School
.....25 PLWH describe their cognitive impairment & impact on quality of life ....affects on sigma, self-esteem, memory, poor concentration, poor physical & metal function
"HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND) remains a significant issue for people living with HIV (PLWH). While HIV-associated dementia is now rare, mild to moderate cognitive impairment (CI), related to HIV disease, is seen in between 14-28% of PLWH over the age of 50. The aim of this research was to understand what constitutes QOL for those living with HAND and use this information to develop a conceptual framework of QOL in PLWH with HAND. This study described broad impacts on QOL across physical, psychological, and social functioning. In addition, the direct effects of their cognitive symptoms, experiences associated with living with HIV, and perceived control, along with acceptance of health conditions emerged as important factors impacting on QOL experiences. The broad effects of CI in the context of also living with HIV is an important consideration, likely influencing QOL in distinct ways. Understanding the factors contributing to good QOL in this population is an essential first step for researchers seeking to develop assessment tools and design interventions aimed at targeting this important outcome."
EACS 2021 Oct 27-30








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