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  Conference on Retroviruses
and Opportunistic Infections
Denver, Colorado
March 3-6 2024
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COVID-19 Omicron infection and severe outcomes in HIV and matched non-HIV cohorts in Ontario, Canada
  CROI 2024 March 3-6 Denver
Ann N. Burchell1,2,3, Catharine Chambers2, Lena Nguyen3, Curtis L. Cooper4, Abigail E. Kroch2,5, Hasina Samji6, Cecilia T. Costiniuk7, Aslam H. Anis8, Jeffrey C. Kwong2,3, Rahim Moinheddin2,3, Sarah A. Buchan3,9, Lawrence Mbuagbaw10, Claire E. Kendall4, Devan Nambiar9, for the COVAXHIV and CHESS Study Teams 1Unity Health Toronto, 2University of Toronto, 3ICES. 4University of Ottawa, 5Ontario HIV Treatment Network, 6Simon Fraser University, 7McGill University, 8University of British Columbia, 9Public Health Ontario, 10McMaster University, 9Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance.
I think the greater risk might associated with hung certain comorbidities - kidney disease, diabetes, very low CD4, detectable VL. Jules