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Webcasts from the 10th Intl Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions & Lipodystrophy
  from Jules Levin: this was the best Lipodystrophy Workshop I can remember. Many of the orals presented in the webcasts are very good. Morrie Schambelin in his closing remarks mentioned that I am taking the Wayne Gretsky approach by telling the workshop to keep he eye on the pck as it travels, in other words--the future of HIV is aging, bone, CNS, and hepatitis, and the conference organizers plan to address CNS and coinfection anf aging in next year's meeting and in future meetings. I was quite active this year at the microphone talking about aging-related concerns and research needs. It's clear aging is the most important issue for patients in the USA and in the western world. We are approaching 30% of all HIV=infected being over 50 years old, we are facing potentially serious problems but certainly crucial questions that need to be addressed in research regarding aging which includes neurological impact, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's and Parkinsons risk, risk for fractures, and all this and more is likely related in some unknown ways to inflammation and I think mitochondrial damage or toxicity. HIV clearly contributes to inflammation and mitochondrial damage but so do ART drugs. Genetics and environmental factors also make some patients more at risk. There are 2 NIH Requests For Applications (RFAs) for aging research studies. ALL our researchers must focus on these questions more including the ACTG, dug companies and cohort groups. Understanding aging, bone, and the CNS are very complicated issues. The questions we need to ask in future research are themselves not well understood. I plan to continue my focus on these areas. The NATAP website ( this year started 2 new sections on aging and bone in HIV. Drug company research MUST also consider how they can incorporate these critical questions into their studies. They have a responsibility to do so but also this will help them as well as the entire field.
HIV related Bone Issues and HIV and Aging
The 10th International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy
was a highly successful meeting, drawing together delegates from across the globe to explore recent advancements on the metabolic complications associated with HIV treatment. New areas for this year were bone metabolism, renal toxicities and cancer in HIV patients. Other key topics included insulin resistance, mitochondrial disorders, cardiovascular disease and lipid metabolism.
We are delighted to announce, in addition to oral absracts presentations, webcasts of the following plenary presentation are available (click on link below):
Should measures of inflammation and clotting be monitored and controlled during HIV therapy.
Lewis Kuller, USA
Can we live without a functional renin-angiotensin system.
Pierre Corvol, France
Cell and molecular regulation of bone metabolism.
Stuart Ralston, UK
Effect of aging on muscle mass and function: sarcopenia vs. cachexia. William Evans, USA
Also, short interviews with the Organizing Committee are available for an insight into the 2008 Workshop and a brief history of how the meeting has evolved over the past 10 years.
We thank all speakers and delegates who attended our 10th Annual workshop and look forward to seeing you at our next meeting - details to be released soon.
Complete list of 2008 Webcasts
Thursday 6 November
Friday 7 November
Saturday 8 November
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