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Recent articles on bone issues.
  1. Bone Update: Is It Still an Issue Without Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate? - (03/09/20)
  2. Bisphosphonates and lower mortality risk, Heart Disease & Bone Disease Associated in HIV+ - (12/04/19)
  3. Bone, Frailty, and Aging at CROI 2019 - Todd Brown, MD, PhD Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism Johns Hopkins University - (05/31/19)
  4. IAS: Bone Mineral Density at the Hip Declines Twice as Quickly Among HIV-Infected Women than Men - (08/14/17)
  5. Bone Density, Microarchitecture, and Tissue Quality After Long-Term Treatment With Tenofovir/Emtricitabine or Abacavir/Lamivudine - (06/21/17)
  9. IAC: Monthly Vitamin D May Improve Bone Density in People With HIV - Mark Mascolini (07/28/14)
  10. CROI: Osteoporosis (bone), Frailty, and Vitamin D: CROI 2014 - Todd T. Brown, MD, PhD Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism Johns Hopkins University - (04/01/14)
  11. CROI: Mechanism of Bone Disease in HIV and HCV: Impact of Tenofovir Exposure and Severity of Liver Disease - (04/01/14)
  12. Fracture risk in hepatitis C virus infected persons: results from the DANVIR cohort study; HIV & HCV/HIV Bone Loss - (03/19/14)
  13. CROI: Bone quality determination by ultrasonometry in young South African HIV-infected children - (03/10/14)
  14. CROI: Newborns Exposed to TDF in Utero Have Lower Bone Mineral Content in US - written by Mark Mascolini - (03/06/14)
  15. CROI: Rosuvastatin Improves Hip Bone Mineral Density but Worsens Insulin Resistance - (03/07/14)
  16. CROI: Vitamin D/Calcium Supplements Reduce Bone Loss by 50% When Starting EFV/TDF/FTC - written by Mark Mascolini - (03/10/14)
  17. CROI: Bone quality determination by ultrasonometry in young South African HIV-infected children - (03/10/14)
  18. CROI: Geriatric Syndromes are Common Among Older HIV-Infected Adults: in this group over age 50, 50% of participants had frailty or pre-frailty ay higher frequencies than HIV-negatives" - (03/10/14)
  19. CROI: Low Bone Mineral Density among Ugandan HIV infected patients on failing first line Antiretroviral Therapy; a sub-study of the EARNEST trial - (03/10/14)
  20. CROI: Lower Newborn Bone Mineral Content (BMC) Associated with Maternal Use of Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF) - (03/10/14)
  21. CROI: Comparison of Two Doses of Zoledronic Acid for the Treatment of Osteoporosis in HIV Infected Patients. Results of a Randomized Open Label Study (VIHZOL Study) - (03/10/14)
  22. CROI: Longitudinal Changes in Free Testosterone among Older HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected Men: "FT decreased similarly over a 6-year interval in older HIV infected and HIV-uninfected men" - (03/10/14)
  23. CROI: Frailty, Inflammation and Mortality among Aging HIV-Infected and At-Risk Injection Drug Users - (03/10/14)
  24. CROI: Atazanavir/Cobicistat Fixed-Dose Combination is Bioequivalent to the Separate Agents - (03/10/14)
  25. CROI: Hand osteoarthritis, a joint disorder frequent and more severe HIV-1 patients : METAFIB OA Study - (03/10/14)
  26. CROI: Low Bone Mineral Density is Associated with Increased Risk of Incident Fracture in HIV-infected Adults "highlighting the potential value of DEXA screening in this population"......median age 42[35-48]....36% osteopenia/2.9% osteoporosis - (03/10/14)
  27. CROI: Bone Density Changes after Antiretroviral Initiation with Protease Inhibitors or Raltegravir - (03/10/14)
  28. CROI: New Fracture Risk and FRAX 10-Year Probability of Fracture in HIV-infected Adults - (03/10/14)
  29. EACS: Twice-Higher Latest Vitamin D Almost Halves Odds of Death in EuroSIDA - Written by Mark Mascolini - (10/21/13)
  30. IAS: Number of regimens rather than cumulative exposure to antiretrovirals associated with lower bone mineral density in HIV-positive subjects - (07/22/13)
  31. Incident fractures in HIV-infected individuals: a systematic review and meta-analysis - (07/22/13)
  32. High sensitive CRP is an independent risk factor for all fractures and vertebral fractures in elderly men: The MrOS Sweden study - (07/20/13)
  33. CROI: CROI 2013: Comorbidities- Aging/Kidney/Heart/Belly Fat/HCV/Bone/Statins/Frailty - (05/27/13)
  34. CROI: Update from 20th CROI: Bones, Vitamin D, Frailty - Todd T. Brown, MD, PhD Association Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism Johns Hopkins University - (04/01/13)
  35. Chronic viral hepatitis is associated with low bone mineral density in HIV-infected patients, ANRS CO 3 Aquitaine Cohort - (02/04/13)
  36. Interruption or deferral of antiretroviral therapy reduces markers of bone turnover compared with continuous therapy: The SMART Body Composition substudy - (01/12/13)
  37. IAC: Fractures at Earlier Age in HIV+ Men Versus HIV-Negatives in MACS - Written by Mark Mascolini - (07/24/12)
  38. IAC: PIs, Proton Pump Inhibitors, Stroke Raise Fracture Risk in HIV+ Veterans - Written by Mark Mascolini - (07/24/12)
  39. Bone Loss in Young HIV+ Men 'Lifestyle Risk' - (06/20/12)
  40. Bone Loss in the HIV-Infected Patient: Evidence, Clinical Implications, and Treatment Strategies- Review - (06/14/12)
  41. Bisphosphonates for Osteoporosis - Where Do We Go from Here?/Duration of Therapy - Perspective - (05/17/12)
  42. Effects of Intravenous Zoledronate on Bone Turnover and Bone Density Persist for at Least Five Years in HIV-Infected Men - (04/11/12)
  43. CROI: CROI Report: Bones, Frailty, and Vitamin D - written by Todd Brown, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Medicine Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism Johns Hopkins University - (03/19/12)
  44. Vitamin D supplementation and endothelial function in vitamin D deficient HIV-infected patients: a randomized placebo-controlled trial - (02/14/12)
  45. HIV infection induces age-related changes to monocytes and innate immune activation in young males which persist despite cART - (02/08/12)
  46. Fractures/Bone Loss in HIV: 'traditional risk factors more important' but HIV & ARV exposure have some impact, Vit D may Improve Bone Health & Reduce Fracture Risk, New Studies - (02/08/12)
  47. Overall benefit of antiretroviral treatment on the risk of fracture in HIV: nested case control analysis in a health-insured population - (02/08/12)
  48. Vitamin D and UVB Radiation: How Much Is Necessary? "Exposure to a UVB dose of 1 SED every second week to ~88% body area is sufficient for maintaining summer 25(OH)D levels during the winter." - pdf attached - (02/03/12)
  49. Vitamin D Supplementation, HIV, HAART, Bone Health, Fractures - (01/23/12)
  50. Vitamin D Improves Bone Health/Reduces Fracture Risk-Bone Loss: IOM, Endocrine Society - How Much Vit D Supp?/Calcium - (01/23/12)
  51. Vitamin D, Calcium Intakes Guidelines - 3 Reports - (01/02/12)
  52. Vitamin D With or Without Calcium Supplementation for Prevention of Cancer and Fractures: An Updated Meta-analysis for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force - (01/02/12)
  53. HIV+ & HIV/HCV(tripled) Have Higher Fracture Rates Compared to General Population in Denmark - (11/28/11)
  54. IAS: The Effect of Vitamin D on Falls: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis - (07/28/11)
  55. Low CD4 Count Is Associated With an Increased Risk of Fragility Fracture in HIV-Infected Patients - (06/20/11)
  56. Vitamin D Deficiency in HIV-Infected and HIV-Uninfected Women in the United States - (06/20/11)
  57. Vitamin D Ups Bisphosphonate Response (from Jules: and calcium levels too perhaps) - (06/13/11)
  58. Vitamin D and clinical disease progression in HIV infection: results from the EuroSIDA study: Vit D levels associated with HIV progression & mortality - (06/13/11)
  59. Premature aging seen as issue for AIDS survivors - (06/13/11)
  60. Increasing Clarity on Bone Loss Associated With Antiretroviral Initiation - editorial - (05/24/11)
  61. The effect of HIV infection and HAART on inflammatory biomarkers in a population-based cohort of US women - (05/24/11)
  62. Bone Mineral Density and Fractures in Antiretroviral-Naive Persons Randomized to Receive Abacavir-Lamivudine or Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate-Emtricitabine Along With Efavirenz or Atazanavir-Ritonavir: AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5224s, a Substudy of ACTG A5202 - pdf attached - (05/24/11)
  63. Vitamin D is linked to carotid intima-media thickness and immune reconstitution in HIV-positive individuals: 'and to CD4 change after starting ART' - pdf attached - (05/19/11)
  64. Low Vitamin D Levels Seen in Parkinson's Patients - full text of study below - - (05/19/11)
  65. Vitamin D Status of HIV-Infected Women and Its Association with HIV Disease Progression, Anemia, and Mortality: "Women in the highest vitamin D quintile had a 42% lower risk of all-cause mortality, compared to the lowest quintile. Vitamin D status had a protective association with HIV disease progression, all-cause mortality" - (05/19/11)
  66. Bisphosphonate Use and Atypical Fractures of the Femoral Shaft - (05/07/11)
  67. Vitamin D3 Supplementation Decreases Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) in HIV-Infected Youth Being Treated with Tenofovir-Containing Combination Antiretroviral Therapy: Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Multicenter Trial Adolescent Trials Network (ATN) study 063 - (03/29/11)
  68. CROI: Risk of Fractures Associated with HIV/Hepatitis C Coinfection - (03/28/11)
  69. CROI: Bone and Vitamin D at CROI 2011 - By Todd T. Brown, MD, PhD - (03/26/11)
  70. CROI: Bone & HIV CROI 2011 - (03/26/11)
  71. CROI: BMD Loss in HIV TDF PrEP - 2 studies - (03/22/11)
  72. CROI: Changes in bone biomarkers in antiretroviral naïve HIV-infected men randomised to nevirapine/lopinavir/ritonavir (NVP/LPV/r) or zidovudine/lamivudine/lopinavir/ritonavir (AZT/3TC/LPV/r) help explain limited loss of bone mineral density over first 12 months after antiretroviral therapy (ART) initiation (03/14/11)
  73. CROI: Firstline HAART Causes Bone Loss (03/14/11)
  75. CROI: HAART-induced Immune Reconstitution: A Driving Force Behind Bone Resorption in HIV/AIDS (03/13/11)
  76. CROI: Changes in Bone Biomarkers in ARV-naïve HIV+ Men Randomized to NVP/LPV/r or AZT/3TC/LPV/r Help Explain Limited Loss of Bone Mineral Density over the First 12 Months after ART Initiation (03/13/11)
  77. Increased Rates of Bone Fracture among HIV-Infected Persons in the HIV Outpatient Study (HOPS) Compared with the US General Population, 2000-2006 - pdf attached - (03/12/11)
  78. CROI: Bone Effects of Rosiglitazone in HIV-Infected Patients with Lipoatrophy (03/11/11)
  79. CROI: Fracture Risk Highest in First 2 Years of ART--and Maybe in First 12 Weeks written by Mark Mascolini - (03/2/11)
  80. CROI: Higher Fracture Rate With HIV + HCV Than With Either Virus Alone written by Mark Mascolini - (03/1/11)
  81. Effect of Denosumab on Bone Mineral Density and Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover: Six-Year Results of a Phase 2 Clinical Trial - pdf attached - (02/18/11)
  82. Effect of vitamin D supplementation on muscle strength: a systematic review and meta-analysis - pdf attached - (02/14/11)
  83. Relationship between bone mineral density changes and risk of fractures among patients receiving calcium with or without vitamin D supplementation: a meta-regression - pdf attached - (02/14/11)
  84. Bone Mineral Density and Testicular Failure: Evidence for a Role of Vitamin D 25-Hydroxylase in Human Testis - pdf attached - (01/27/11)
  85. IAC: HCV Co-infection is Associated with a High Risk of Osteoporotic Fractures Among HIV Patients - (07/26/10)
  86. IAC: 80% Prevalence of hypovitaminosis D and factors associated in a sample of HIV patients in Italy - (07/26/10)
  87. IAC: Oral Poster discussion: Shining Light on Vitamin D deficiency - (07/26/10)
  88. The 2011 Report on Dietary Reference Intakes for Calcium and Vitamin D from the Institute of Medicine: What Clinicians Need to Know - pdf attached - (01/27/11)
  89. What Do We Tell Our Patients about Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation? EDITORIAL pdf attached - (01/27/11)
  90. New Research Finds HIV causes rapid aging in key infection-fighting cells: "Successful ART treatment does not fully reconstitute the CD31-CD4+ na´ve T-cell subset"- pdf attached - (01/27/11)
  91. Low Vitamin D among HIV-Infected Adults: Prevalence of and Risk Factors for Low Vitamin D Levels in a Cohort of HIV-Infected Adults and Comparison to Prevalence among Adults in the US General Population - pdf attached (this was presented in poster at CROI) - (01/14/11)
  92. The Effect of Antiretrovirals on Vitamin D - pdf attached - (01/14/11)
  93. No link between vitamin-D levels and cardiovascular mortality in sunny California- - 3 articles questioning benefit of vitamin D for chronic diseases - (12/22/10)
  94. Atypical Femoral Fractures and Bisphosphonate Use - (12/09/10)
  95. High prevalence of and progression to low bone mineral density in HIV-infected patients: a longitudinal cohort study - pdf attached - (12/01/10)
  96. Novel Bone Drug (odanacatib, cathepsin K inhibitor) Found Safe After Four Years - (10/22/10)
  97. Comparison of Changes in Bone Density and Turnover with Abacavir-Lamivudine versus Tenofovir-Emtricitabine in HIV-Infected Adults: 48-Week Results from the ASSERT Study - pdf attached - (10/22/10)
  98. Low Bone Mineral Density with Tenofovir: Does Statistically Significant Mean Clinically Significant? - EDITORIAL COMMENTARY - (10/22/10)
  99. Mixed Analysis Findings Adds to Evidence of Unusual Bone Fractures and Bisphosphonates - (10/21/10)
  100. Early Bone Loss Marker Predicts Fracture Risk Later - (10/21/10)
  101. Vitamin D Has Retinopathy Link - (10/21/10)
  102. Vitamin D Levels Linked to Mortality - (10/21/10)
  103. Intercell and Romark Join Forces in Combining Therapies Against Hepatitis C - (10/21/10)
  104. Teriparatide for Bone Loss in the Jaw - Editorial - (10/19/10)
  105. Teriparatide Therapy for Alendronate-Associated Osteonecrosis of the Jaw - (10/18/10)
  106. Teriparatide and Osseous Regeneration in the Oral Cavity - (10/18/10)
  107. Symposium: Optimizing Vitamin D Intake for Populations with Special Needs: Barriers to Effective Food Fortification and Supplementation - (10/18/10)
  108. Vitamin D levels lower in African-Americans - (10/17/10)
  109. Symposium: Optimizing Vitamin D Intake for Populations with Special Needs: Barriers to Effective Food Fortification and Supplementation - (10/16/10)
  110. Racial differences in the relationship between vitamin D, bone mineral density, and parathyroid hormone in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey - pdf attached - (10/16/10)
  111. Osteoporosis: adherence needs to top two-thirds to cut fracture risk - (09/27/10)
  112. Is insulin an anabolic agent in bone? Dissecting the diabetic bone for clues - pdf attached - (09/25/10)
  113. Body Fat & Bone Loss: lipoatrophy & belly fat accumulation BOTH lead to bone loss - (09/25/10)
  114. Bisphosphonates and Reports of Unusual Broken Bones in the Femur (Thigh Bone) - (09/24/10)
  115. Bone Disease in HIV Infection: A Practical Review and Recommendations for HIV Care Providers - pdf attached - "we recommend a DXA scan for all HIV-infected post-menopausal women and men >50 years" - (09/17/10)
  116. ASBMR Task Force Report on Atypical Femoral Fractures Published in the JBMR - (09/17/10)
  117. ICAAC: High Rates of Bone Loss and Progression With HIV in Longitudinal Study - Written by Mark Mascolini - (09/15/10)
  118. ICAAC: Vitamin D Deficiency & Bone Loss in Europe - (09/14/10)
  119. No Cancer Risk with Bisphosphonates - (09/02/10)
  120. Bisphosphonates Tied to Esophageal Cancer - (09/02/10)
  121. High prevalence of reduced bone mineral density in primary HIV-1-infected men - (08/29/10)
  122. High prevalence of reduced bone mineral density in primary HIV-1-infected men - publication pdf attached - (08/08/10)
  123. Calcium supplements boost heart-attack risk: Meta-analysis - (08/06/10)
  124. TZD Use Linked to Fracture Risk in Women 50 and Older - (08/06/10)
  125. Risk of MI May Go Up With Calcium Supplements - (08/06/10)
  126. IAC: High Prevalence of Bone Demineralization in a Cohort of HIV-Infected Postmenopausal Women - (08/06/10)
  127. IOF position statement: vitamin D recommendations for older adults - Position Paper - (07/23/10)
  128. Alterations in the immuno-skeletal interface drive bone destruction in HIV-1 transgenic rats - pdf attached - (07/22/10)
  129. Common genetic determinants of vitamin D insufficiency: a genome-wide association study - (06/15/10)
  130. FDA: Possible Fracture Risk with High Dose, Long-term Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors - (05/26/10)
  131. Low Vitamin D Levels Associated with Genotype 1, Fibrosis, Inflammation, with SVR, with waist circumference, Low HDL - (05/18/10)
  132. "A higher 25(OH)D (vit D) was associated with better dietary quality, lower %BF (body fat, central obesity), and lower number of MetD (metabolic disturbances including CRP, glucose)"...dairy in diet helped vit D levels - pdf attached - (05/13/10)
  133. Denosumab Inhibits Bone Loss in RA - (05/13/10)
  134. High-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation, Too Much of a Good Thing? - (05/12/10)
  135. EASL: Vitamin D Improves SVR in Naïve Genotype 1 with Peg/Rbv - (04/16/10)
  136. Effect of Osteoporosis Treatment on Mortality: A Meta-Analysis - (03/28/10)
  137. Proton-Pump Inhibitor Use Is Not Associated With Osteoporosis or Accelerated Bone Mineral Density Loss - (03/28/10)
  138. Evolving Data about Subtrochanteric Fractures and Bisphosphonates-EDITORIAL - (03/25/10)
  139. Bisphosphonates and Fractures of the Subtrochanteric or Diaphyseal Femur - (03/25/10)
  140. FDA Drug Safety Communication: Ongoing safety review of oral bisphosphonates and atypical subtrochanteric femur fractures - (03/12/10)
  141. Quantity vs. Quality: Long-Term Use of Bone-Building Osteoporosis Drugs May Affect Quality and Structural Integrity of Bone - (03/12/10)
  142. Long-term use of bisphosphonates may increase risk of atypical fractures: studies - (03/12/10)
  143. CROI: Longitudinal Analysis of Bone Mineral Density in Aging Men With or at Risk for HIV Infection: heroin causes bone loss; accelerated bone loss progressed over 3 years in HIV+ - (03/10/10)
  144. CROI: Changes in Bone Mineral Density: two-years follow-up of the ANRS CO3 Aquitaine Cohort - Bone Metabolism Evolves- in 11% from osteopenia to osteoporosis and to osteopenia, bone markers worsen in 41% - (03/10/10)
  145. CROI: Bone & Limb Fat Outcomes in ACTG5202- More Bone Loss With TDF/FTC Than ABC/3TC - written by Mark Mascolini - (02/23/10)
  146. CROI:Bone Fractures at CROI 2010 - see slides below - (02/23/10)
  147. CROI: Bone Disease: Risk Factors - (02/22/10)
  148. Bone Loss in HIV+ Premenopausal Women & Fracture Risk - (02/04/10)
  149. Visceral Fat Causes Inflammation and Cytokines Leading To Bone Loss - (01/16/09)
  150. HIV-Infected Postmenopausal Women at High Risk for Bone Fractures - pdf publication attached - (01/11/09)
  151. Exploring a Low-Acid Diet for Bone Health - (11/25/09)
  152. Effect of four monthly oral vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) supplementation on fractures and mortality in men and women living in the community: randomised double blind controlled trial - (10/04/09)
  153. Fall Prevention: how much vitamin D do you need? - (10/04/09)
  154. Vitamin D Improves Muscle Function - (09/29/09)
  155. Sex Steroids & Fracture Risk in Men - (09/06/09)
  156. Lipodystrophy & Bone Loss - (09/06/09)
  157. Vitamin D, Diabetes & Bone in African-Americans - (09/06/09)
  158. A Potential Role for Vitamin D on HIV Infection? - (09/03/09)
  159. Vitamin D Immunomodulator EDITORIAL - (09/03/09)
  160. Low Vitamin D Levels Increased Risk for HIV MTCT: Perinatal Outcomes, Including Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV, and Child Mortality and Their Association with Maternal Vitamin D Status in Tanzania - (09/03/09)
  161. Oxidized lipids enhance RANKL production by T lymphocytes: Implications for lipid-induced bone loss - pdf attached - (08/27/09)
  162. The clot thickens-oxidized lipids and thrombosis - (08/26/09)
  163. Oxidized lipids: a key to heart disease? - (08/26/09)
  164. Aging/HIV Clinical Care & Research - New IDSA Guidelines - (08/26/09)
  165. Thyroid Dysfunction, Hypogonadism, Testosterone, Bone, Prostate Cancer, HIV & HAART - (08/26/09)
  166. Aging & HIV Recognized as a Serious Concern But No Real Discussion, Still Ignored. 2007 NIH Workshop recommendations - (08/26/09)
  167. A serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level below 50 nmol/l has been associated with increased body sway and a level below 30 nmol/l with decreased muscle strength. - (08/18/09)
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